Pros And Cons Of Relocating And Renovating The Home

Pros And Cons Of Relocating And Renovating The Home

At first you all will enjoy the tiny and compact home you are living in. You feel like you have everything that you need like a comfortable bedroom, living room, and kitchen. But as days run fast your family also grows larger so it makes you feel like the current house is not adequate for you. Hence there arises the thought to relocate or renovate the house. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of both relocation and renovation to choose your preference. You can also reach out to civil engineering companies in Chennai to choose your preference according to your budget.

Advantages of renovation

  • While deciding to relocate or renovate your house you have to think carefully by keeping your dreams aside. Renovation cost will be budget friendly as well as less when compared to relocating. The purchase you make for a new home itself will be higher than renovation cost. 
  • There are no compromises when coming to the relocation because you may like a modular kitchen so if you made any changes according to your wish then the cost of that particular renovation will almost exceed the total cost of the home. But if you thought of renovating the old house then you can add whatever you want with minimal cost to cover the outlay.
  • Another important reason for renovation is the pleasing environment. You have spent more days in one particular area which has now becomes very familiar to you. For example shops, fun areas, school,office, and extra classes etc. Hence rather than changing the house you can renovate it for the better surroundings. To know more about it, visit sathvik civil construction company in Chennai.

Disadvantages of renovation

  • If you choose to renovate only a few rooms in your house then renovation is a good idea but if you are thinking of renovating the whole house then that is not at all a good idea and not worth the money. Renovation is not an investment like constructing or relocating to the new home. So rather than renovating you can relocate that would be more cost effective in reality. Also if you are in a plan to sell a house then renovating is a big no.
  • Your daily life will be disturbed because of this. Even though you are renovating only a single room that will make you uncomfortable, you have to choose some other options to live for the next few weeks of renovation.

Advantages of relocation

  • New homes can give you a new surrounding to you and your family. New homes will have larger and radiant rooms.
  • New houses can be customised according to the modern trends hence it will be on up to date. All materials and products were freshly used and new so it sustained for a longer period. You can include some of the new technology in designs which we cannot insert in renovation. 
  • Getting a new one rather than using a second hand one is always a good idea. Also you can choose a home according to your family criteria. The market price level of a new home is higher than the old one so your investment is quite a saving.

Disadvantages of relocation

  • Relocation cost is highly different from the renovation. This may cause you to put a lot of money in your new home. Relocation also includes the legal assessments, plan approval, and cost for registration etc. So the cost will not be efficient.

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