Things To Check In The Construction Quality Of Your New Home

Five Things To Check In The Construction Quality Of Your New Home

Everyone wishes to purchase or to live in a safe home, no one likes an unsafe building. Therefore, the only option to be on the safe side is checking the construction quality of the home which you are buying or constructing. For example if there is a peeling plaster in a wall then that is not good to process, likewise you can even test the soil to know whether the building has resistant capacity or not. So reach out to Sathvik building constructors in Chennai to build your dream home with good quality materials.

Fitting & fixtures

Pay attention to all the little details while checking the quality of construction. Fittings and fixtures will create a high level of comfort on the new home so ensure to go around the home and check whether all the switch boards and electric circuits are made up of good quality and functioning materials. 

Also check the bathroom and kitchen faucets, basins, pipes etc. If there is any damage then you should inform the builder immediately to fix and avoid unnecessary problems.

Quality of concrete mix

Concrete is the most important component which determines the strength and pressure handling capacity of the structure. So the concrete mix should be in the correct ratio. A responsible builder like Sathvik civil contractors in Chennai will ensure to use the top quality material to mix the concrete to upgrade the construction quality. 


Check the wall plastering to find out whether there are any small cracks or lumps present in it. Many homes will have cracks in the edges or in the bottom portion of the walls that may be hidden by the paint coating so this quality check is really important before buying a property.

Paint quality

While visiting the site, remember to check for uneven paint coating on the walls. And also check the minor cracks which indicate that the quality of pain is compromised. Lack of curing will surely create lumps in the walls, it will increase day by day if it is not taken care of. Top quality paint will always enhance the visual appearance and also it will sustain for so long.

Determining the soil quality

You should notice the soil type while inspecting the home. Because soil is a very important element that determines the strength of the foundation in a building. Hence ask the constructor to use the high quality soil. Black cotton soil and clay rich soil cannot be used for high rise buildings. Take soil tests on the location to construct a building with proper stability.

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