Cost For Construction To Build A House

Cost For Construction To Build A House

Planning to build a dream house is a difficult task when you are not aiming for the cost estimation. At first you have to analyze and sense the in-depth concept or an idea about the cost which needs to build a home. The cost of construction mainly depends on two main features, that is the location and the cost per square feet. There are three types of homes which are built in India that are custom houses, prefabricated homes, and developer houses. In order to build your expected house you can look for the building constructors in Chennai to get it done.

Custom houses

A Custom house is nothing but a traditional house which you can customize according to your aesthetic requirements. It gives you enough space to keep maximum things. The options are more when it comes to custom homes but it has disadvantages like time consumption and money to get constructed. The average cost to build this custom house with 3 BHK in a location like Chennai might cost around Rs 1800/sq ft. It includes construction works like electrical, plumbing, designing etc. So approach the best house construction companies in Chennai to get a custom house as per your requirements.

Prefabricated houses

Prefabricated house can also be called a modern house. This contains all modern provisions and resources to have a pleasant life. But the only concern in a prefabricated house is that you cannot customize as per your wish. Most of the builders in Velachery find this house type as a major cost-effective option which is 15% less than a custom house and takes less time to build.

Developer house 

Building a developed house is nothing but a high level customization according to all the requirements you need. This is comparatively less in cost than a custom house. But in this house development you have to follow the floor plans.

Apart from this, the major things which affect the building cost are location, size, land foundation, labor cost, materials, amenities, and exterior finish. So here comes the explanation to get a better understanding. You can also reach your nearest building contractors in Chennai to get clarity.

  • Location and size – The home price will vary as per the location nearby like market, school, metro, railway station etc. The price of the land will be in the term of price per square feet so the cost may vary according to size.

  • Land foundation – Land excavation is a part of laying the foundation like cleaning, removing soil, framing the rooms, concrete, raising the basement etc.

  • Materials and labor cost – Construction cost fully depends on the materials which are used for building. Overall 50% of the cost in construction will be used for the procurement process. Labor cost is according to the labors hired for the interior and exterior works, so 30% of the cost goes to labor charges.
  • Amenities and exterior finish – Amenities include plumbing, electrical works. So this cost is based upon the quality and quantity used. Exterior finishing is all about outer elevation, installing windows, doors etc. So this may cost according to the aesthetics.

So here we have given you the most important factors that affect the cost of construction so depending on this you can reach out to the best individual home construction builders in Chennai to build your dream home within your budget.

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