Things You Should Know Before Renovating

Things You Should Know Before Renovating

Many house owners begin the planning process for a renovation without any idea of what to anticipate. They simply regret not having a plan after experiencing renovation setbacks. Without proper planning, the home renovation process can be frustrating since, unlike constructing a new house, you are not beginning with a clean slate. Unexpected costs and problems could arise, making the procedure complicated. These challenges can be avoided by hiring Sathvik’s best house construction companies in Chennai. Before you embark on the path of home renovation, here are a few things you should be aware of.

Select Your Design Style

Are you going for a contemporary style, or do you prefer a vintage? Do you want an extension to a current structure to blend in or stand out as a contemporary addition? No matter if it’s an industrial look or something a little more colourful, the walls, floors, roofs, windows, and doors all need to match the overall design. Instead of focusing on one room at a time, building constructors in Chennai consider how the entire space will look. This kind of comprehensive planning will give you a unified appearance, including how you’ll outfit the remodelling once it’s finished.

Prioritise Kitchen Renovations

Practically speaking, you should renovate the kitchen first because it will produce more dust and debris, which you don’t want to get on freshly painted walls or other finished surfaces. Isolating demolition messes is always a smart idea, so cover any entrances or pass-throughs with plastic. You’ll need to set up a temporary replacement kitchen in your home’s dining room, family room, or another nearby location because a significant kitchen reconstruction normally takes several months.

Homeowners frequently ask about the ideal order for home renovations. Since these renovations significantly increase the value of your property, Builders in Velachery advise starting with the kitchen. Realtors predict that homeowners can regain 75% of the cost of a full kitchen makeover if they sell their homes. Additionally, updating an old kitchen will improve your enjoyment of the room when you’re at home.

Be Present at the Place

Even though it might seem apparent, it’s important to wait to make some choices before using the room you’re renovating, such as paint colours, carpeting, and lighting. As you spend more time at home, your opinions on colours may evolve. Additionally, recently installed carpet and newly painted walls may make it apparent that the existing lighting doesn’t properly illuminate the room. You can save multiple trips back to the drawing board if you take a bit extra time before painting and replacing the carpet in the room you’re redecorating.

Sathvik Civil Engineers focus on your design preferences and provide the best alternative solutions. We keep up with your budget and any additional charges or changes will be informed prior. Any home renovation project is a huge undertaking, regardless of whether you want to turn a profit or make your house into the dream family home of your dreams. We are one of the best individual home construction builders in Chennai to get you off to a good start and make the process smoother.


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