Guide for Building Construction

A 9-step Guide for Building Construction

Building a new home or any other structure is a laborious process requiring close coordination with several suppliers and service providers, intense negotiations, and 360-degree involvement. It may also be a dream coming true for most people. But it best is good; else, months of work and a significant financial commitment, often a lifetime’s worth of money, could be in vain, or you might not get the whole result, complete satisfaction, and peace of mind you deserve. Reach out to building contractors in Chennai to know more about the steps.

1. Verify Land Suitability

Zone analysis:

Each zone in which a piece of property is located has predetermined purposes. (For instance, you cannot construct a business building in a residential area. Another crucial factor is the Floor Space Indicator (FSI) or Floor Area Ratio (FAR). How much building you are permitted to do on your given land is revealed by FSI. To determine this, utilise the special, free-to-use FSI calculator on Last but not least, zone analysis would take into account the width of access roads, places for road widening, the height of permitted buildings, etc.

Site analysis:

This would entail examining the topography of the site, the water channel, the trees, the current climate, the sun’s direction, the position of any existing structures, the location of any wells, the existence or lack of any parks nearby, etc. All of these are essential components of a vivid design which your architect will utilise to create a blueprint for your ideal home, workplace, or manufacturing facility.

2. The selection of an architect

If designing a building is your goal, an architect is the one who will make it a reality.

He is extremely important in assisting you with major decisions, including how to use space, choose materials and maximise their use, manage costs, manage the exterior and interior appearance and functionality, determine the potential for future expansion, and design electrical fixtures and plumbing systems, among other things. Consult a civil construction company in Chennai to follow the correct steps.

An architect must be hired at the very beginning of a project, and his job is done when the project is finished. Be careful when choosing a designer for your ideal project. Use the following factors to choose the best architect:

  • Experience – A seasoned architect will be adept at fixing issues and will facilitate decision-making.
  • Timely Service – The speed of the construction will significantly increase if the plans are delivered on time. A good architect will make sure that the structure is both aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound.
  • Execution Teams – His connections to masons, contractors, and other experts will guarantee that you obtain assistance from the appropriate person at the appropriate time for the appropriate work.

3. Developing a Budget

Look into the price of the building in your location. Contractors, architects, and knowledgeable friends can assist you in determining the going rate in your region. For instance, it would only cost Rs 950 per square foot in a relatively small city like Latur or Nanded, yet it might reach Rs 2500 per square foot in places like Pune and Mumbai. Include in this calculation the price of

  • Materials used in the building
  • The nature of the soil, hard rock, and other project design elements that have an impact on foundation cost
  • The current prices for materials like steel, cement, etc.
  • Availability of labour

4. Designing Your Future: Planning Your Construction

We discussed the first things to take before beginning your construction in the section above. It is now time to begin the building’s planning. Before meeting with an architect, create a thorough list of your requirements. Be adaptable when making your list. As items are added to or removed from the list, they might alter over time.

5. Site supervision

A requirement on the site is ongoing expert monitoring of the construction operation. This person would be responsible for many tasks and on-site technical issue resolution. Full-time supervision is always a better option if your project is large. You can assign a supervisor for a predetermined number of pre-mandated visits. Choose a top civil engineering company in Chennai to plan your construction wisely.


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