Types Of Roofing In Residential Construction

Types Of Roofing In Residential Construction

Why are roofs considered vital? As we all know, roofs are the outer covering of the building and account for approximately 40 per cent of your exterior. It is your roof that gives an artistic look to your home. Apart from the aesthetic purpose roof holds your building intact. It protects the building and occupants from typical weather like heat, rain and wind. Some places may be prone to extreme snow and storm; additional care must be taken to design the roof to withstand the snow or hail. Building constructors in Chennai will have the necessary expertise and experience in developing the right roof for your house.

What are the types of roofs:

The roofs are broadly classified into three types based on their shape. 

  1. Flat roof
  2. Pitched or slope roof
  3. Curved roof

Flat roof:

The flat roof is the most commonly used type for residential and commercial buildings. The main advantage of flat roofs is that you get ample floor space. You can use both pitched and flat roofs to give a refreshing look to your home. Though combining flat and pitched roofing styles has been in practice for many years, the availability of different roofing materials and colours paves the way for more creativity. Another misconception about flat roofs is that it is entirely flat. Flat roofs have a slight slope inclination to allow water to run away. 

Besides residential purposes, a flat roof is best for farms with large open columns. It is highly cost-efficient because it’s easy to construct and maintain. The only issue you might face in flat roofs is not an issue. Constant checking for leakage and clearing any clogging is sufficient.

Pitched or slope roof:

They slope on either side or two sides. Have you wondered why houses in hill stations have sloped roofs? Because the snow or water runs down quickly on a sloped roof rather than a flat roof. You should choose a slopping top when you prefer wood roofing material. The more the slope inclination, the more the roof is visible from the ground. Remember the tilt and vertical height of the roof have standard proportions. Civil engineering companies in Chennai will assist you in all measurements.

There are many types of slopped roofs. In this article, we have grouped some of the popularly used slope roofs.

  • Monopitched roof: Only one side has a slope. This is mainly used for garages, sheds or verandahs.

  • Doubled pitched roof: It slopes on two sides from a centre ridge. You can stylishly design your window to give it a classy look.

  • Hip roof: Four equally lengthen slopes slide from a centre ridge. A slight variation with two shorter pitches forms a half-hip roof. Ventilation is tricky or impossible on a hip roof. 

Curved Roof:

Curved roofs give an intriguing style to your building. With the help of modern technology, the metal is formed into a large curve to provide a frame structure and support. This type is mainly preferred for its appearance and architectural style.

You can make many variations in the above-mentioned bare roofs to get more styles. Research online, go through magazines or wander the streets to look at different houses in your locality. Once you decide on the look and style, get in touch with the best house construction companies in Chennai.

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